We Design.  You Build.
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Welcome to our Houzz! 

   We are a complete 'Green Houzz' product review design firm team of eight Freelance Pros + one independent sub contractor and one professional lay person.  We offer our professional freelance turnkey design solutions for architecture design/build firms. We design and etch-a-sketch new home elevations with your vision in mind.  At present, we have a grant proposal in progress, and would like to partner with Green Certified Developers.

  We even have an architectural boutique hotel with your terms for Colorado.  Selia is looking for a real estate developer to partner exclusively on a hotel project in Colorado along with our local artisan masterminds awaiting in the background ($3 Billion Estimate).     


    We are experts in knowing our rocks and fields.  We hope to be  known for casting our nets on a much wider scale in the Morrison, Colorado canyon.  We are a team of eight (plus one superior subcontractor) who won our majority rules, electoral vote (precisely when we needed him).  He mends fences, casts our nets wider, and removes barbed wire fences as our exemplary service leader.  We work 5 AM to 8 PM around the globe-traveler's pacific time zone. 


  • Professional Architect - Reddit Renderings
  • New Home Elevation Sketches
  • Commercial Elevator Designs
  • Pools of a Doozie-Houzz'r-Do-Overs
  • NEW Lighting, Hardware and Plumbing Textile Designs By Selia - Turn-Key Solutions - Luxury Home Revolution 
  • Sub-contract Plus One - Exemplary barbed-wire fence removal in Colorado mountain and front range communities.
  • Selia Ashida LLC - Designer, Pier 1 Digital Photography Award - Setting The Table - July 2018
  • Certified Feng Shui Interior Designer (NYIAD Student) Course Completion Dec. 2019 (Virtual Photo Above).   

    We have a passion for modern and elegant design that bodes well in real time.  Contact us by email for inquires.  Our goal is to make our customer completely happy with our Gold Seal Stamp of Approval.  We pride ourselves with our craftsmanship, and superior plus-one sub-zero weather contractor for barbed-wire service removal in Colorado.    

              Please contact us by email until we are able to find Sammy (oceanside) to help manage our phone lines of communication.






Blue Nautilus Studio 8 LLC Management Team

We Design.  You Build. 



Pier 1 Online Digital Photography Award - Setting The Table - Selia Ashida, July 2019